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Customer information , terms and conditions - UK An order of approximately This site www.1960.biz (" Site " ) by the Swarovski Crystal Online, Inc. (Swarovski Crystal Online AG) (" Swarovski " ) to provide the company address Alte Landstrasse 411, Postfach 481, 8708 Männedorf / Switzerland. Access to the Site or any web page , you agree to the following terms and conditions , which may change from time to time . In this connection , Swarovski reserves from time to time modify these terms and conditions at any time . If you are dissatisfied with any portion of these pages , or any or all of the terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive authority to stop browsing this site . (2) the use of information and data If the people of a particular country , sent from this site for sale offer or solicitation to invite constitute a violation , then this website in the country for the disposal of the person should not be considered an offer or solicitation invitation. 3 . Copyright and Trademark This site shows the trademarks, trade names , logos and service marks for the Swarovski company or other party , without the Swarovski company or the written permission of the owner shall not be used . This site is protected by copyright . You get this information only for your personal use purposes. Without our prior written consent such information for any commercial or public purposes modify, copy , stored in a retrieval system , transmitted, copied, distributed or used in any other way . 4 Data Protection We will be fair and lawful means to deal with your personal data . Information will be electronic and automated manner. We will only use your personal data for marketing research in order to improve our website and product categories, and will keep you informed of our marketing activities . Data storage and processing in several countries by the Swarovski and Swarovski Group companies conduct , which mainly includes in Switzerland , Austria and Liechtenstein 's corporate headquarters. Once you have registered with us any information , it means that you agree to be without your prior request , we can call or electronic message contact you directly . By registering with us , you expressly agree to the use of your personal data . You do not give such consent can not be registered , but you can still use our site without registration section. You can always contact our Customer Support Contact , delete and cancel relevant information. 5 minors Swarovski does not recognize its website and users of the age . If a minor without parental or guardian consent to the Swarovski provide personal information , then the parent or guardian should contact our customer support , delete and cancel relevant information. 6 Links Site Swarovski Swarovski Group, or any other member of the company be liable for any of the sites linked to the setting or other websites responsible for the content . Users browsing other sites at your own risk and subject to the relevant browse any terms and conditions applicable to the constraints . Make the provision of hyperlinks to other sites , Swarovski or any member of the Swarovski Group shall not be deemed to any third party or on its website to provide the services / products to make any approval, recommendation, approval, warranty or introduced , nor shall be deemed to have website with such third parties and any form of cooperation . Swarovski unless otherwise expressly stated or agreed , Swarovski and external websites are not your supplier of any contractual arrangements entered into between the parties . 7 transmit via the Internet Given the nature of the Internet , the transaction may be subject to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission and incorrect data in. For Swarovski can not control that may affect you send information and transaction accuracy or timeliness of malfunctions in communications facilities , Swarovski is not liable. 8 downloads We do not make any of the following matters representations or warranties : This website is available and meet your requirements , browse the site will not be interrupted , the transmission of information will not be delays, failures , errors , omissions or loss , does not spread with viruses or other contaminating or destructive features, and your computer system is not compromised. You have full responsibility for the information and / or equipment to provide adequate protection and back , and to take reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties. This site may be used for any third party software accuracy , availability or performance , we make no representations or warranties. 9 Disclaimer Although the information contained in this website is carefully prepared , according to the information and the data is only "as is" without any express or implied warranty. In particular, such information and data for non- infringement, security, accuracy , fitness for a particular purpose or no computer virus , do not provide any guarantees. Swarovski reserves the right to change or cancel their web browsing right . Browsing and / or using obtain from these pages from these pages provided through these pages or any information or material obtained , which means you will not agree with Swarovski to you or any other person arising from or related to these information and / or any use of data for any direct , indirect or consequential loss assume any liability , whether such information and / or data obtained from these pages or made available , or do you provide via this site link to browse the Internet to obtain information on the other the . The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by applicable law . 10 Other applicable provisions Some pages of this site may be marked on the page for additional terms. 11 Governing law and dispute resolution These terms and conditions are governed by Swiss law . All parties submit Zurich exclusive jurisdiction of state courts . 12 General provisions If these terms and conditions in any part has been identified to be unenforceable, the unenforceable portion shall be given as far as possible to maximize the effectiveness of , and the rest should remain in full force and effect. The English version of these terms and conditions . English only as a data provider .